DWP accused of sneaking out hit to retired couples during Brexit row

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Limiting pension credit access could reduce joint incomes by up to £7,000, it is claimed

Ministers have been accused of “sneaking out” changes to state pensions which experts on Monday night said could leave some retired couples more than £7,000 a year worse off. On the eve of a crucial Brexit vote, the Department for Work and Pensions announced changes that would limit access to pension credit, a top-up for the poorest pensioners, from May.

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The change was set out in a statement by Guy Opperman, pensions minister, published on the parliamentary website on Monday evening. The change will restrict pension credit payments for couples where both are not over state pension age, currently 65 for men and women. Currently, an older couple can claim pension credit if they are “mixed age” or where one is over state pension age and one is not.

“Pension credit is designed to provide…

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