US Big Pharma’s role in opioid overdose deaths

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Opioid mortality rates and marketing dollars. Source: JAMA Network OpenBy Brian Dixon in the USA:

US drug company payments to doctors linked to opioid overdose deaths

22 January 2019

A study published last week in JAMA Network Open found that counties where doctors received payments from drug companies later experienced higher rates of overdose deaths from opioids.

A number of previous studies have established a link between drug company payments (even as small as purchasing a lunch) and doctor prescribing behavior. Some prior research has examined the marketing of opioid products and mortality rates.

The JAMA Network Open study, however, is the first to link mortality rates with the total marketing of opioid products based on US county-level data, although the researchers are careful to note that they have only established an association, not causation.

The study drew data from three national databases. Data on overdoses for all counties was derived from the Centers for Disease Control and…

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