Dutch corporate Cold War fake news

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This 2016 video from the USA is called Faux News (A Fox News Parody).

What is ‘fake news’? According to United States President Donald Trump, and to Donald Trump’s United States ambassadors, and to the European Union, it is news which they don’t like.

According to internet corporations like Google and Facebook, it is news which is pro-peace, ‘too liberal’ ‘too leftist’.

According to corporate media, it is news on small blogs and other web sites with no corporate or governmental links.

In reality, corporate media are often the purveyors of really ‘fake’ news. Eg, German daily Bildzeitung with its hoax on a supposed ‘sex mob’ of ‘criminal’ refugees. Or the ‘faux news’ of Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, of Murdoch’s Sun daily and of other Murdoch media.

In the Netherlands, in 2014 it turned out that articles by Perdiep Ramesar…

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