The Death of Recycling, and other news

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Way back in yesteryear, environmentally conscious people such as myself began calling for the recycling of our everyday waste.  Back then, garbage dumps were piling up in gigantic putrefying mounds all across the nation.  For a high school project, I filmed one of these sites with no narration and no audio.  It was just a silent movie of an endless caravan of vehicles disposing refuse atop a growing heap while bulldozers tried to contain the mess and as hundreds of seagulls descended upon it for an easy meal.  Apparently, my teacher was impressed.  She gave me an A+.

Our collective voices began to have an impact.  Within a few years, politicians started talking about recovering valuable waste products – including metals, plastics, glass, and paper – which could be recycled for productive purposes.  Not long after that, recycling bins appeared next to the garbage bins of…

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