‘Scott can’t walk or talk – but they’re making him prove he’s disabled’

Govt Newspeak

I am in a similar situation to Scott Harrison’s mother: I have to attend the jobcentre with my autistic son, so he’s able to get his ESA. He has to have a “fit” note every time he goes and they speak to me because my son has selective mutism. GN

Scott Harrison’s mother says the family is having to live off less than £40 a week.

The mother of a severely disabled man who cannot walk or talk and is partially sighted says she was told he must complete a full medical exam to prove his disability.

Anya Sparks, who cares full time for her 20-year-old son Scott Harrison, says she is also effectively having to live off less than £40 a week in benefits. Anya, from Linton, is now no longer entitled to child benefit since Scott turned 20. Previously he was eligible as he was in full-time education.


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