Flammable wooden cladding on British housing blocks

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Safe cladding protest in London, EnglandFrom daily News Line in Britain:

Flammable wooden cladding found on 20 blocks

25th June 2019

AN URGENT investigation has found that there are at least 20 housing blocks using the same wooden cladding and wooden structure as the block in the Barking blaze – where two weeks ago fire engulfed six floors and residents were forced to flee for their lives.

The material used on the balconies and cladding at Samuel Garside House which was responsible for the rapid spread of the fire is called ThermoWood.

It is possible to treat ThermoWood to give it a higher fire rating and upgrading it to a Class B ‘Limited contribution to fire’. However, without being treated, ThermoWood is classed as D ‘Medium contribution to fire’.

Only class A1 is considered non-combustible with ‘No contribution to fire’.

The Barking fire damaged 47 flats, including eight that will take six months to…

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