As mass shootings cause a crisis of death in U.S., climate change is causing a deadlier crisis for the world

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Go ahead, tell me this is all “normal.”  This weekend saw over 80 casualties from just the two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.  So far in 2019 over a span of 216 days, there have been 251 mass shootings in the U.S.  That’s an average of 1.16 mass shootings per day.  When I grew up in this country, such incidents were so rare that the expression “mass shooting” was not part of the cultural lexicon.  No, this isn’t normal by any stretch of the imagination;  but, young people are growing up today in a toxic dysfunctional environment where it is becoming a new normal.  And, the hate-filled rhetoric of a madman president in the White House is leading the way.

Something else is not normal too, and it is even more terrifying.  This one, however, is affecting the entire world not just a single nation. …

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