Climate change endangers Islamic pilgrims

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This 11 July 2019 video says about itself:

Heatstroke concern among Thai doctors about Hajj pilgrimage

Doctors have voiced their concerns over Thai pilgrims in Saudi Arabia catching heatstroke, as they have to face the scorching temperature of 46 degree Celsius.

From the American Geophysical Union in the USA:

Rising summer heat could soon endanger travelers on annual Muslim pilgrimage

August 22, 2019

Over two million Muslim travelers just finished the annual religious pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, traveling during some of the country’s hottest weather. New research finds pilgrims in future summers may have to endure heat and humidity extreme enough to endanger their health. The results can help inform policies that would make the trip safer for the several million people who make the pilgrimage each year, according to the study’s authors.

Hajj, or Muslim Pilgrimage, is one of the five pillars of the Muslim faith. It…

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