Liberal Democrats have nothing but the comfort blanket of Remain


Liberal Democrat party had a conference this week.  

Sam-Gyimah-Jo-SwinsonSam Gyimah and Jo Swinson

The Lib Dems have one election campaign policy: Remaining in the EU.  That is all.  They have nothing else.  The party gave up pretending to be a sensible political party with a plan for everything.  It decided to adopt the same tactic as The Brexit Party with opposite intent for Brexit.  The methodology is the epitome of populism and admittance of a lack of confidence in any political position on anything else.  (In EU parliament elections Liberal Democrats made gains and that relative success was a consequence of its single-issue focus as was the greater success of The Brexit Party but EU election success does not transfer to a general election: In 2017 general election The Brexit Party’s forerunner UKIP had zero MPs elected.)

The party conference was devoid of substance.  (Occasionally valid) criticisms…

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