Mali people against French neocolonial war

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This 10 January 2020 French-language video shows a demonstration in Bamako, Mali against French and other foreign soldiers waging war in Mali.

Three days later, there was another big anti-neocolonial war protest there.

By Alex Lantier in France:

Malians protest to demand departure of French occupation troops

16 January 2020

More than a thousand Malians demonstrated on Monday in Independence Square in the capital, Bamako, to demand the withdrawal of French troops who have occupied Mali since 2013. Anger is exploding against the carnage produced by French intervention and against the official lie that served to justify it: that France would wage a global war against jihadist terrorist networks that threaten to conquer Mali.

As a mass strike breaks out against President Emmanuel Macron and anti-war sentiment rises among the ‘yellow vests’ in France, and protests continue against the Algerian military dictatorship, objective conditions are emerging…

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