Eaten mess

To many people suffering hurt
Inflicted by people who’s lies go to work
Austerity they called it but that’s just a word
To make us feel better cause cuts always hurt
The sick and the poor were the first ones who saw
When rich boys got power corrupt to the core
The lies that they told weren’t easy to see
Less you were the ones affected by these
Set man against man who had no money
Whilst those at the top rode up bonus street
Our country was sold to people of greed
Who see only wealth not people in need
Work harder for less is just what they want
Or failing all that work hard for naff all
Bonus for bankers cuts for the rest
Whilst Lords sit in castles eaten their mess
Too many voices now not to be heard
Still feels like they get drowned out by angry little birds
#Atos #Workfare #Cuts #Austerity

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