Social media is being used to stage manage our democracy using nudge-based strategies

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Image result for Online propagandaA study from the University of Oxford, published this month, has concluded what many of us already know: bots, shills and trolls are working together to spread propaganda and disinformation, disrupt discussions, discredit individuals and are attempting to manipulate social media users’ political views.

The report warns: “Computational propaganda is one of the most powerful new tools against democracy.” 

The Oxford Internet Institute says that computational propaganda is the use of algorithms, automation, and human curation to purposefully distribute misleading information over social media networks. Social media are actively used as a tool for public opinion manipulation in diverse ways and on various topics.

Bots and trolls work to stifle authentic and reasoned debate between people in favour of a social network populated by (usually aggressive) argument and soundbites and they can simply make online measures of social support, such as the number of  “likes” (which can, of course, be bought), look larger…

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Ekklesia | ESA cut – where is the promised mitigation?

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Dear Ms Leadsom.


My patriotism does not employ French and American firms to harass the sick and disabled. To support a regime that has driven hundreds to suicide.
My patriotism does not argue whether someone should lead and party or country based on whether she has had children.
My patriotism does not sell off the NHS’s blood plasma service to American vulture capitalists who then sell it on to the Chinese.
My patriotism does not sell state assets to firms owned by foreign governments whilst saying the state can’t run anything.
My patriotism does claim to fight for British interests whilst maintaining a poor voting record in the EU parliament.
My patriotism does not sell weapons to Wahhabist Islamo-Fascists and then use their deviant offspring’s acts of terror to revoke Human Rights.
My patriotism does not create lies about 45 minutes from mass destruction to invade a country; slaughter its civilians; and leave…

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Crowd Spontaneously Chants ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ at Glastonbury!

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Shine on, you crazy diamond!

This short video shows the crowd at Glastonbury spontaneously chanting ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’, and begins and ends with a few very pointed comments about ‘useless politicians’ from one of the bands on the pyramid stage. They name one useless politician in particular, telling Theresa May to shut the door on her way out.

Rock and roll!

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In one sentence, Corbyn drops a truth bomb that should have the Tories running for the hills | The Canary

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Grenfell Tower disaster and British Conservative Boris Johnson

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from England says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury FestivalGrenfell Tower Fire Raises Question’s About Inequality

24 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn addressing the Glastonbury Festival crowd talks about how the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy raises questions about inequality in Britain.

By Julie Hyland in Britain:

Boris Johnson and the Grenfell Tower inferno

24 June 2017

When the list is drawn up of those criminally responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire in London, Boris Johnson’s name should be at the top.

The former mayor of London (2008-2016) recently condemned what he described as “political game-playing” over the inferno in west London that claimed the lives of at least 79 people. Suggestions that “this tragedy was somehow caused by fire service cuts” were “unbelievable,” he declared.

Johnson spoke as a video clip from 2013 became widely viewed on YouTube. In it he is seen telling a Labour…

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Tory ‘patriotism’ means blind applause for idiocy. Who knew? #Brexit


Quite a telling – and scary – moment as Andrea Leadsom let slip a glimpse of the Tory vision of ‘patriotism’ during a Newsnight interview:

According to Ms L, patriotism means unquestioning support for a clearly floundering and incompetent government while they screw up our relations with 27 neighbouring countries.

Not even ‘my country, right or wrong’.

‘My Tories right or wrong’.

The Tories confuse themselves and their good with the country and our good – or more accurately, they want us to.

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The facts behind the 600 fire-risk tower blocks figure – Westminster

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AAV: “Magic money trees” and the spreaders of economic illiteracy

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#DUP glosses over paramilitary links as May plays with fire


On Monday, in a clear attempt to distance the party from its paramilitary links and detoxify it in case a deal is reached, a DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) spokesman told the BBC’s Stephen Nolan that paramilitary flags and emblems have no place in Northern Ireland communities and that

Paramilitaries are a plague on society. The DUP condemns all who cling to criminality and violence.

Glossing over

little-pengelly.pngWithin hours, however, DUP MP Emma Little-Pengelly had shot down the attempt by claiming that Northern Ireland communities are not that bothered about the issue, stating,

There were some people who were very supportive of the flags, people who felt very much it was part of the tradition of the local area and the wider area.

The majority of people said to me: ‘We understand that the flags have gone up, but we also understand that they will come back down again’. Really they didn’t…

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