Liberation of Kobani province: “When ISIS hears the battle cry of the YPJ [Kurdish women’s militia] they flee”


The Syrian border city of Kobani, which was under ISIS control since last September was liberated in January by mainly Kurdish YPG (men’s militia) and YPJ (women’s militia). Since then the Kurdish militias have advanced and are now liberating the entire region. Below is an up-to-date report on this advance that takes us right up to the present day.

Note: We also include an extract from an excellent video report from Channel 4’s ‘Unreported World’ – see end of this article. Near the end of the video are interviews with the Kurdish women fighters of the YPJ, who relish combating the women-hating and barbaric ISIS. Reminiscent of the anarchist Mujeres Libres militias of the Spanish civil war (1936-39), the YPJ, as also their anarchist Kurdish counterparts in Rojava province (Western Kurdistan), have made it clear that they regard this war as a war of liberation – in every sense –…

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