Labour is not anti-semitic – it is more Jewish than the Tory Party

Pride's Purge

Despite a concerted smear campaign in the right-wing press, pro-Israeli Tory MP Andrew Percy reckons Labour MP Naz Shah is not antisemitic:

percy jewish

Not only is there no basis in facts to support the idea that there is some kind of institutionalised anti-Jewish sentiment in the Labour party, but Labour has historically been more ‘Jewish’ than the Tories.

By my count, since 1900 there have been at least 43 Jewish Labour MPs compared to 35 in the Tory Party (see list below).

And the Tory Party itself has had its own shameful and long history of antisemitism.

In 1902 two Conservative MPs, Major Sir William Evans-Gordan and Howard Vincent organised the British Brothers League, which campaigned against Jewish immigrants.

In 1939, a Scottish Tory MP Archibald Maule Ramsay formed the ‘Right Club‘ which campaigned to ‘oppose and expose the activities of organised Jewry’ and whose official slogan was “Perish Judah“.

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