Pride's Purge

It’s here!

The opportunity to cast your vote for the person or persons most responsible for the brutal death of satire in 2016.

Nominations for the most shamelessly breathtaking use of hypocrisy in politics – in a particularly strong field this year – are as follows:

  • Donald Trump and Nigel Farage for announcing their “fightback against the global elite” from the inside of a gold-clad elevator. gold-elevator-trump-farage
  • Daniel Hannan for claiming he wants to give £350 million-a-week to something he wants to abolishhannan-brexit
  • Theresa May for announcing Britain will become a “global leader of free trade” by leaving the biggest free trade block in the world.may-on-free-trade-brexit
  • The Sun for accusing the EU referendum campaign of being “nasty, cynical, personally abusive” and “deceitful”. the-sun-deceitful-remain
  • Boris Johnson for managing to get away with both opposing and supporting membership of the EU.boris-remain
  • The Daily Mail for complaining about the spread of fake news. mail-fake-news

Cast your vote here:

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