The Kuenssberg furore: MSM and Establishment – 2 birds 1 stone


strawman.pngYou know when you take your eyes off the kids for thirty seconds and they start the great fire of London or something similar?

That’s what it’s like to be incommunicado for a couple of hours returning from Labour’s conference in Brighton, then logging on to find the mainstream media (MSM) mobbing the Canary like crows mobbing – well, a canary – over the independent left outlet’s publication of an article about the appearance of BBC politics journalist Laura Kuenssberg’s name among inviteesto speak at a Conservative party conference fringe event organised by the CSJ (Centre for Social Justice).

And she was:

lk csj.pngAttacking a demonstrable fact is difficult, so the MSM constructed a classic ‘straw man’ to attack – or straw men, to be more precise.

Many attacked the Canary had claimed Ms K was a confirmed speaker at the Tory conference, which the Canary did not. And…

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