Patel visited ‘hospital treating civilians’ in other undisclosed meeting. Really?


The Israeli Ha Aaretz newspaper has revealed yet another undisclosed meeting by International Development Secretary Priti Patel – one in which she visited emergency hospital facilities on the Golan Heights.

aaretz.pngThe article states that the facilities are treating Syrian civilians, specifically women and children. However, there is a major question mark over that claim. The government has already admitted that Ms Patel asked for UK aid to be sent to the Israeli army for the hospitals, but the news that Ms Patel visited them – and withheld that information – will put even more pressure on the weak Prime Minister to sack her.

But how much worse if the hospitals are not treating civilians.

As the SKWAWKBOX showed last night, the Wall Street Journal claimed in June that Israel was treating wounded Syrian fighters on the Golan Heights – a claim furiously denied at first but admitted later that…

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