Sky Poll: 78 Per Cent Think Government Doing Bad Job on Brexit

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This is a very short video from RT, citing a poll by Sky showing that only 10 per cent think May is doing a good job about Brexit. A massive 78 per cent believe she’s doing a bad job.

This gives some background to the latest campaign by the Israel lobby, the Blairites and the media to play up the fake anti-Semitism scare about Corbyn and the Labour party yet again: the Tories are doing extremely badly. The cabinet is split over Brexit, most people think they’re doing a bad job, and worst of all, there may be serious food shortages if there’s a ‘no deal’ Brexit. According to reports, the army stands prepared to deliver food rations.

Theresa May and the Tories are literally driving this country to starvation. Even more so, if you count the quarter of a million or so unfortunates already using food banks thanks to…

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