Tackling the Habitat of Far-Right Movements: From This is England to Gab

Pride's Purge

Guest post from Will Black, anthropologist, journalist and author of Veneer of Civilisation, Psychopathic Cultures, and Beyond the End of the World.

With each new far-right group that emerges, it becomes clearer that the cultural and technological habitat in which they grow has to be tackled, in addition to the groups themselves.

The internet has made it easier for such groups to be established and groom devotees. Social media has become a key habitat for the growth of far-right movements.

In Shane Meadow’s first This Is England film we see young men and a boy at a National Front meeting in an isolated pub, which they were encouraged to attend by a manipulative and aggressive older member of their circle. The group was taken from their run down urban environment and driven some distance to hear a white nationalist address a small mob.

Contrast this with the development of modern groups like Britain First, the English Defence League and National Action, which…

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